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ZÜCA's Unique Features

The ZÜCA Sport model is a unique conveyance for all your gear and in addition provides a seat, but you probably already knew that.

So here are some additional features, and specifications that you may find interesting.

The frame:

The ZÜCA Sport frame is 18" tall, 14" long, and 10" wide not including the wheels, and a little more than 12" wide with the wheels. The ZUCA Sport frame is made primarily of alloy 3003-H14 aluminum which makes it very light, strong, and recyclable. Even the metal in the telescoping handle is aluminum. The ZÜCA Sport is designed to hold a great deal of weight, and we have stress tested it under controlled conditions to 640 lbs with no failures. Please don't try this at home. The ZÜCA is safely rated at a 300 lb capacity.

About the handle:

The handle telescopes to an adult-comfortable height of 38", and is unique in itself. This is one of the most durable and reliable handles available and we chose it to match the durability of the ZÜCA frame. This aluminum is alloyed and heat treated to be very hard and more resistant to bending or denting. You will also notice that there is a little play in the handle which helps reduce the chance of jamming.

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The insert bag:

ZÜCA makes the bags from many fabrics but the basic bags in black red and navy are premium 600 denier polyester that we have coated on the inside with polyurethane to improve water resistance and seam strength. The bag is water resistant to a point, but should not be left out in a steady rain with stuff inside that should not get wet. We use a very strong type of Velcro (it comes in different adhesive levels) so that the bag will not accidentally come undone due to the interior load pulling on it.

The wheels:

The wheels are 4" polyurethane formulated to absorb a great deal of the shock of hitting a curb, and to make the wheel silent over rough surfaces. We make our own so that we can control the quality of the urethane in the wheel. The flashing mechanism uses no batteries and is powered by a small generator or "magneto" inside the wheel. The magneto rotor is in the hub and contains small coils of wire wrapped around steel plates, which are connected to the LED's. As the plates pass the magnets in the stationary armature, a small burst of electricity is generated and the LED flashes. The faster you go, the brighter it gets.

And what's up with the upper wheels? They are there to make curbs and stairs easy and eliminate the bang scrape sound. They don't light up, so if you want to be stealth you can switch uppers for lowers.

The little plastic feet:

Ok, so what right? But ask anyone with a nice wood floor and they will tell you that they hate stuff that scratches the floor. The feet on the front of your ZÜCA are made of Nylon 6. Nylon 6 itself is not hard enough to scratch the finish on a wood floor yet it is hard and "tough" enough that it will also resist grit and gravel impregnation that would make the feet nasty floor grinders.

The hardware:

The ZÜCA Sport is bolted together with rust resistant Chrome plated screws all of which we have custom made. We use shake-proof aircraft nylon lock nuts to prevent it from falling apart. We had the choice of riveting or bolting. The problem with riveting is that over time rivets loosen. The problem with bolting is that like a race car, over time the bolts loosen. We licked that problem by putting the aircraft nuts on every screw, if someday it does seem loose or maybe you are totally out of something to do, you can tighten them. Did you ever try tightening a rivet!