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  1. How can I clean the bag?
    There are a couple of ways. If there is a new life form growing inside the bag from a discarded piece of lunch meat, I suggest using a hose from a safe distance. When you can get up close and personal, you can hand scrub the interior and exterior with a mild detergent solution. We have also tested the bags in the washing machine, and discovered that the Velcro tabs needs to be fully attached to one and other before washing, and even then we don't recommend washing it with anything you value in case one of the Velcro tabs should come undone. If you decide to use your washing machine, set it to a short, gentle cycle with cold water, and then hang dry.

  2. How do I clean the frame?
    You can scrub it with a sponge and detergent. The finish is "Powder Coat", which is a plastic powder applied to the metal and then baked on to produce a finish more durable than paint.

  3. How long will my wheels flash before I have to change the batteries?
    Forever, since there are no batteries. The wheels generate their own electricity as they turn and should last a long time.

  4. I don't want my wheels to flash, what can I do?
    That is easy to change. You will need a small adjustable wrench. The LED's in the wheels are powered by a small electrical generator (magneto for you engineers) in the hub. There are two ways to disable the flashing system. One way is to swap the upper non flashing wheels for the lower by simply removing the wheel nuts and changing one for the other.

    The other solution is to remove the flashing wheel, remove the bearings, and then push the magnetic armature out of the wheel. Replace the bearings and put the wheels back on your now non-flashing ZUCA. You might want to save the armatures in case you miss the safety and fun of the flashing wheels someday.

  5. One of my wheels quit flashing, what can I do?
    There are at least two possibilities. First, have you left your ZUCA sitting in deep muck for a while? If so, the magneto may be wet (and mucky). Just take the nut off, remove the wheel and then from the wheel hub remove the bearings and plastic magneto armature. Clean and dry everything and reassemble, but read on. The second reason could be maladjusted wheel nuts. If you find that the wheel has any play on the axle, tighten the nut a little at a time until you feel slight resistance when you turn the wheel. Spin the wheel. If it lights up, then back the nut off slightly while checking the lights. The best setting is when the lights flash, but little resistance is felt when spinning the wheel. If after that your wheels still don't work, contact us at our Service and Care page and request a return number.

  6. Will I void my warranty if I take my ZUCA apart and paint it?
    Yes and No. We encourage you to have fun with your ZUCA and you should feel free to customize it. If you do take it apart and later return it for warranty repair, it is possible that we will not resolve the problem under the warranty if, in our judgment, your workmanship or modifications lead to the problem.

  7. My handle is bent. Is that covered under the warranty?
    The handles rarely bend, but when they do it is typically due to some “outside force.” If you feel that you have a handle that bent due to a defect in the material or workmanship, please go to our Service and Care page to request a return number. We will examine the problem and if it is a defect, we will replace the handle free of charge and ship it back to you. If you backed over it with your Suburban, you can send us the unit and we will give you a repair estimate. (A picture of this event may also be a candidate for The HAPPY FACES of ZUCA)

  8. My handle does not easily release and go up and down when I push the button on the top. What should I do?
    This sounds like it would probably be covered by our warranty assuming you are not talking about a bent or jammed handle. Please go to our Service and Care page to request a return number. We will adjust your handle and send it back.

    Or, you can try adjusting it yourself. Our handles are more precision than they look and sometimes they can get out of adjustment. If when you press the button on the top, the retracting pins half way down the handle do not go in far enough to release the handle, it can be adjusted. If you would like to adjust it yourself it is pretty easy (probably easier than boxing up your ZUCA). Send us an email and we will send you the instruction sheet. Don't worry, if this fails you will not void your warranty even if you send the parts back in a bag.