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Brand new to the market, this is the most unique and cool bag ever – and the story behind it is even better!

Laura Udall is an entrepreneurial mother of three who was distraught about the health risks her kids were facing from carrying their heavy backpacks. She knew she had to do something! Her quest led to the forming of ZUCA, a company dedicated to creating healthy products for the mobile lifestyle.

Laura set out to lighten the load of her own children but soon discovered that parents around the world are struggling with the same issue. Back pain is the second leading cause of medical complaints in the United States and the rate of back pain and injury in children is now that of adults. Laura’s fear, that we are raising a generation of children who will suffer with chronic back problems as adults, drove her to recruit her engineer husband, Nick, to help her come up with a solution. The result is a line of high quality products that fuse “Fashion, Function and Fun.”

Kids want cool and functionality while parents want quality and durability – ZUCA makes everyone happy. ZUCA is the ultimate activity carry-all and the only rolling bag on the market with an integrated seat or gear platform. They have a unique silent dual wheel system for easy stair and curb climbing and an interchangeable inner bag that allows you to change your bag as often as you change your outfit and allows ZUCA to virtually last forever.

While originally designed for school children, Laura soon discovered that moms and dads were buying ZUCA’s for themselves as well as their children. Attached is a list of the wide variety of people that are already using ZUCA’s to change their lives. ZUCA was recently presented as the gift bag of the Entertainment Weekly Emmy pre-party and as the “high roller” gift bag for the 2004 Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Laura also plans to create a ZUCA foundation that is focused on children’s health issues.

The team at ZUCA invites you to own your own ZUCA and help Laura in her quest to lighten the load of the world one back at a time!