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Boho Floral
New: Insert Bag 2018 Boho Floral.
Zuca Sport
The original Zuca is now available in over 90 unique insert bag patterns which fit in any of nine frame colors.
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Frames with Insert Bags and Bags Only
Limited Edition Models
Limited Edition Sport Models from Zuca. Only a few of each insert bag were produced. When they are gone, they are gone.
Zuca Frame
Zuca frames are now available in nine colors. Wooska sells all frame colors with either flashing or non flashing wheels. Wooska is the only merchant offering non flashing wheels in colors other than black.
The original Zuca is now available in over 90 unique insert bag patterns. (Frames not included)
Zuca Mini
New for the Fall 2013 the Mini Zuca for children 4 and up.
Zuca Pro
Business travelers unite. Developed for the seasoned road warrior, the ZUCA Pro is part carry-on, part organizer, and part "darn is this thing cool".
Zuca Seat Cushion
The Zuca seat cushion fits on the top of your Zuca providing a comfortable seat for watching your young athlete compete, waiting for practice, waiting for the school bus, or anytime you need a convenient seat.
Zuca Stuff Sacks
The Zuca stuff sack conveiently slides over the handle of your Zuca Sport or Pro model providing extra space to carry items you do not want inside your Zuca.
Zuca Backpacks
Two backpack models which fit conveniently over your Zuca Sport or Pro handle. Both have convenient pockets while one comes with insert pouches for storing your goods.
Pink travel cover
Protect your Zuca Sport from the weather and travel hazzards. The travel cover is standard on the Zuca Pro.
Zuca Flowers lunch box
The Zuca Lunch box is prefect for packing your lunch or snacks. It fits conveniently over the handle of your Zuca.
Zuca cooler
The big sister/bother to the Zuca Lunch . The CoolZuca Cooler is designed to fit perfectly inside a Zuca Sport. or to fit on top and has straps on the back to fasten it to the handle.
The ZÜCA Multifunctional Headwear has been designed for high level of comfort and protection from the elements.
Zuca Packing Pouches
Three sets of pouches to fit inside your Zuca for orgainzing your stuff.
Pencil Cases
Want to make your pencils look extra sharp? This case-in-point holds an assortment of writing elements (and other gadgets) and comes in a rainbow of colors.
Document Organizer
Get organized with our durable expanding document organizer!
Zuca Handle
Zuca Sport and Pro replacement handles, flashing and non flashing wheels.