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Digi Wave Personal Listening Pocketalker Tour Guide
Williams Sound has been providing hearing assistance technology to customers worldwide for over 30 years. "Helping People Hear" is not just our motto, it is the core of our business philosophy.

In what began as a simple AM listening system for the church, Williams Sound has since grown to offer a diverse line of consumer and commercial listening products. Whether your needs are specific to listening in church, in the classroom, at work, on the phone, or other public venue, we have a remarkable group of products designed to assist you.

At Williams Sound, we understand the impact and importance of hearing in people's every day lives - that's why we set our sights to be a legendary supplier and to provide knowledgeable, dedicated service.

       All Products
All hearing assistance products from Williams Sound.
wireless tour guide system in the 2.4 GHz band. Ideal for smaller tour groups of 10 or fewer members. Enhances communication between tour guide and group members.
Personal Listening
Large area FM system broadcasts voice or music wirelessly throughout a facility. Listeners wear personal FM receivers equipped with headphones to listen to the message at their comfort level.
The Pocketalker® Ultra amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.
      Tour Guide Systems
The Personal PA® FM Tour Guide System, model TGS PRO MULTI, helps tour group members with hearing difficulties overcome background noise and distance from the guide. Use it in factories, museums, power plants---anywhere hearing assistance is needed.
     Personal Products
Products for individuals at home, at work and in small groups.
    ... for Home
Personal Products for use in your home.
Williams Sound in Small Groups
Personal products for use with small groups.
Williams Sound atr Work
Personal products for use at your work
   Professional Products
Products for use at assisted living facilities, at conferences, in education, at attractions, in business and by travel groups.
Assisted Living
Are your residents able to hear clearly when making phone calls or watching TV? Do they have difficulty understanding others in groups or one-on-one conversations?
Church Use
Systems designed for members with hearing disabilities to understand the service as well as for multi language use.
Hotels, conference centers, conventions, corporate meeting rooms – all have the challenge of catering to large businesses and groups that speak multiple languages.
Do any of your students struggle to hear as a result of noisy surroundings, distractions, or distance from the sound source? Do any of your students in your classroom suffer from a hearing disability?
At any concert, theater, theme park, or zoo, "hearing" is a critical part of people’s experience. A person's experience can be defined by their ability to hear and not only by what they see.
Tour Guide Systems for groups visiting manufacturers and other industries where background noise often makes it difficult for group members to hear the tour leader.
  ... for Travel & Hospitality
Tour Guide Systems for the travel and hospitality industries where background noise often makes it difficult for group members to hear the tour leader, where the leader must talk quietly or where the group size makes it difficult for all to hear.
Accessories for Williams Sound products
Antennas for Williams Sound products
... Batteries & Chargers
Batteries & Chargers for Williams Sound products.
... Cases & Belt Clips
Cases & belt clips for Williams Sound products.
... Headphones & Earphones
Headphones & Earphones for Williams Sound Products.
... Microphones
Microphones for Williams Sound products.
Eartip Installation Tool
Miscellaneous items for Williams Sound products.
Power Supply
Power supplies for Williams Sound products.
... Receivers
Receivers for Williams Sound products.
... Transmitters
Transmitters and transceivers for Williams Sound products.
... Wind Screens
Wind screens for Williams Sound microphones.