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Wooska Presents:   Ultra Mount         
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Ultra Mount Installation Instructions
Mounting Instructions:
  • Determine where you want to display your jersey.
  • Hold the mounting base to the wall and make two marks on the wall through holes (hold mount as level as possible).
  • Remove the mounting base and drill holes on spots marked. If you are using the included wall anchors (good for drywall) use a 3/16 size drill bit. If mounting directly into a stud or other material use a drill bit the same size as the screw.
  • Insert the wall anchors (drywall only). Be sure they are flush to the wall.
  • Use included screws and attach mounting base to the wall. Secure firmly.
  • Slide the rod through mounted base.
  • Hang the jersey on rod. Center rod and jersey in respect to mounting base.
  • Place the cap on base.
Installation Hints
  • If the rod is too long you can easily shortened by using a hack saw or pipe cutting tool to desired length. Simply cut the bar and replace the end cap.
  • To enhance the look of basketball jerseys, place a 1/8 inch diameter dowel (cut to length) just under holes for arms.
  • To keep your Ultra Mount looking great, it is best to polish with steel wool (Grade: Very Fine #00). Be sure to clean your Ultra Mount thoroughly after polishing.