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Saturnian I Sport, Inc.’s inspiration began as I spent hours as a child learning with my inventor father. This experience led me to invent and develop products that would encourage safe and fun play. Now celebrating our eleven year anniversary, Saturnian I continues to take pride in our award-winning toys. We have received Sport’s Illustrated for Kids Best in Sports Toy Award, numerous awards from the Lion and Lamb Project (Top Twenty Toys for Peaceful Play), and Gold Seal Awards from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Safety, quality, and fun – these go hand-in-hand in every Saturnian I toy. Adults buy Saturnian I toys for their safety and quality; kids want them because they’re fun and cool. Look to Saturnian I for even more exciting toys in our ever-expanding product line.
Mark Sassak
One touch is all it takes to understand why Fun Gripper™ toys are so enthusiastically played with by kids of all ages. The patented Fun Gripper™ non-slip PVC polyester-nylon substrate surface is permanently heat bonded to nylon tie dye fabric and other unique materials. This technology, soft durable construction, and vibrant colored nylon fabric make grasping, throwing, tossing, flinging, and catching easy and secure for the smallest hands. It adds an extra level of control and confidence that children have never experienced with other active products. It’s made Saturnian I toys among the safest, highest quality, and most desirable for kids and their parents.