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Ruff Wear Commitment

Dear Friends,

Like you, we love dogs. And that's the tail that wags Ruff Wear.

From working animals to family pets, a unique connection between humans and canines stretches more than 14,000 years into our shared past. Ruff Wear gear enhances this relationship and keeps our four-legged friends happier and healthier while enjoying a full range of activities together. Whether you depend on your dog for assistance, or your idea of a dog day afternoon is simply heading to the park to run and play, you and your companion will appreciate the thoughtful, functional, high-quality design of all our gear. So, go ahead and get out there with your best friend and Ruff Wear, gear for dogs on the go®.

Go dog wild!
Patrick Kruse
Ruff Wear founder and top dog

Our Guarantee

Ruff Wear fully guarantees all of our gear against defects in materials and craftsmanship. If you experience any problem with a Ruff Wear product, return it to your authorized dealer, for prompt repair or replacement at our discretion.