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Ruffwear is the maker of the original collapsible food & water dog bowls, dog packs, dog boots, K-9 Overcoats, life jackets, first aid kits, travel bags, training and grooming supplies and gear for dogs of every description -- from family pets to working dogs.

Ruffwear builds every piece of Ruff Wear gear to the same exacting standards of design, quality and function that they expect from their own gear. You and your buddy will both enjoy adventures more with trouble-free equipment that keeps you comfortable and healthy.

All Ruffwear Products
Mount Bachelor Pad Bed
Urban Sprawl™ Bed, Highlands Bed™ , Mt. Bachelor Pad™
Dog Boots
Bark'n Boots™ Grip Trex™, Bark'n Boots™ Skyliner™, Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™, Summit Trex™, Single Grip Trex™ Dog Boot, Single Skyliner™ Boot, Single Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™, Single Summit Trex™ Boots, Bark’n Boot Liners™
Bivy Bowl
Bivy Bowl™, Bivy Cinch Top™, Bivy Bota™, Quencher™, Quencher Cinch Top™, Kibble Kaddie™
Dog Coats
Climate Changer™, Cloud Chaser™, K-9 Overcoat™, Quinzee™, Swamp Cooler™, Sun Shower™, Track Jacket™
Hoopie Collar
Crag™ Collar, Hoopie™ Collar, Knot-a-Just™ Collar, Top Rope™ Collar, Chain Reaction™ Collar, Headwater™ Collar, Knot a Collar™
Webmaster Harness
Doubleback™ Harness, Omnijore™ Joring System, Web Master™ Harness, Front Range™ Harness
Ruff Wear Haul Bag
The Ruffwear Haul Bag™ keeps dog gear organized and accessible wherever they go: car camping, road tripping, or visiting friends. Store food, bowls, leashes, toys, and pick up bags in our wide-opening gatemouth bag for full access to contents.
Flat Out Leash
Flat Out™ Leash, Just-a-Cinch™. Knot-a-Leash™, Quick Draw™ Leash, Roamer™ Leash, Slackline Leash™, Ridgeline Leash™, Double Track™ Coupler ,
Dog Life Jackets
K-9 Float Coat™
Palisades Pack
Approach Pack™, Palisades Pack™, Singletrak Pack™, Hi & Dry™ Saddlebag Cover
Track Jacket
The Beacon™, Track Jacket™
The Lunker
Gourdo™, Hover Craft™, Huckama™, Hydro Plane™, Lunker™, SquareBall™, Sqwash™, TurnUp™
Climate Changer™, Gourdo™, Highlands Bed™, K-9 Overcoat™, Lunker™, Mt. Bachelor Pad™, Quencher™, Quencher Cinch Top™, Quinzee™, SquareBall™, Sqwash™, TurnUp™, Urban Sprawl™, Huckama™
2010 Cloud Chaser
Items discontinued by Ruffwear where we still have a limited selection of sizes and colors.