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Wooska Presents:   Innova Inflatable Kayaks Welcome to Innova Kayaks...
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Accessories: Paddles Inflation Gear Clothes and PFD Parts
Uses: 1-Persion 2-Person Seakayaking, Surfing Flatwater,Lake,Shoreline, Flatwater Rivers Whitewater
Kayaks: Helios Orinoco Safari Seaker Sunny Swing Twist Vagabond
What Innova Owners have to Say

Ellen Anderson - 60th Birthday, 150 mile trek across Canada
250 miles Northeast of Yellowknife

Ralph and Sharon Kast - SanBlas Islands & Fiji
Helios 380 aboard the Kastaway

Larry Dunn - Norton Sound, Alaska
Fishing with the Yupik Eskimos

Heidi Steltzer - Research Scientist working with the USGS, Alaska
Kayaking the Agashashok River

Maria Claudia Diazgranados - Omacha Foundation, Orinoco River
River Dolphins, Giant Otters, Fishes, Turtles and Caimans

David Nitsch - Guide for Mountain Travel Sobek, South Pacific
Helios 380 excels in Papua New Guinea

Dr. Alex C. Spyropoulos - Southwestern coast of Crete in Greece
120 nautical mile Greek Odyssey in a Helios 380EX

William Corr - Mekong River, Viet Nam
Mekong River adventures in a Safari Kayak

Alan Kesselheim - A freelance Writer with more than 10,000 paddling miles in his wake.
"The Innova Safari is an inflatable kayak that works."

Dirk Macfarlane - Lt. Commander, Navy SEAL, Western Pacific
Safari paddling in Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia & Darwin

Sally Jewell - Chief Operating Officer, REI
" is exceptionally maneuverable, yet tracks very well..."

Paul Yuschak
Takes a Sunny to the Captiva area on the gulf coast of Florida

What other Owners have to say
Terry and Rebecca Ryan, Florida
Sgt. Myles Morrison, Patrol Leader, Canadian
Rangers, Ucluelet Patrol
Paul Maki, Kentwood, MI
Brad Frank, Turlock, CA
Beth A. Smith, Emeryville, CA
Edward Prados, Washington, D.C.
Scott Fairty, Browntown, VA
Joseph Levine, Silver Spring, MD
William Mills, Great Falls, VA
Mark Farber, Washington D.C.
David Nitsch, Los Angeles, CA
Jim Van Dam, Grand Rapids, MI

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