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Wooska Presents:   Innova Inflatable Kayaks Welcome to Innova Kayaks...
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Uses: 1-Persion 2-Person Seakayaking, Surfing Flatwater,Lake,Shoreline, Flatwater Rivers Whitewater
Kayaks: Helios Orinoco Safari Seaker Sunny Swing Twist Vagabond
A message from the North American Distributor for Innova Kayaks
"These Innova Kayaks pack down to nothing. They go from limited hall space to limited trunk space to the great outdoors easily.

Testing the limits of Innova Kayaks began as a job, then turned into the adventure of a lifetime. I've raced, surfed and rolled my way around the globe. And along the way, I've met a cast of fellow adventurers who have put themselves and these kayaks into every imaginable situation.

Legend has it that the Bohemians of the Czech Republic, who painstakingly craft Innova Kayaks, impart a sacred wish upon each kayak and paddler – "To know a world without boundaries."

I have come to know that world. And hope you will, too."

Tim Rosenhan, Innova Kayaks